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What is Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting

Unlimited Bandwidth

First of all when we talk about bandwidth we are referring to how much information can be transmitted through the Internet at one time. This information could be documents, photos, videos, or audio files. When we refer to bandwidth allowance we are referring to the amount of data that is sent between your site and your visitor’s web browsers. The amount of bandwidth that you use or need is dependent on the size of your site and how many visitors you have each month.

SoxDomains.com unlimited bandwidth means that we will let you use the bandwidth that your site requires but with some restrictions. SoxDomains.com’s primary objective is to provide website owners the reliability and flexibility of unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited domains without extra charges.

Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting Protection

Unlimited Bandwidth Protection

To protect the service of all of our customers SoxDomains.com does not accept file sharing, software distribution, file backups, antivirus scripts, mass mailing also known as ¨Spam¨, programs and/or any software, that is considered harmful to our servers. SoxDomains.com’s Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting accounts will provide high availability and we never charge extra fees for high bandwidth use.

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